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The Group

The Group

CARDIORISK converges the research potential of highly qualified groups across Europe.
Our strategy of using parallel work packages to be carried out in multiple institutes is ideal for such a complex research project, whilst benefiting from each centre's previous and ongoing experience, as each step in the process can take a considerable amount of time.

The CARDIORISK consortium is a multidisciplinary group of experts of the most excellent research groups in Europe. The consortium combines scientific and methodological expertise from partners representing outstanding research groups in the field of radiation protection, radiation biology and experimental cardiology. Participating groups have complimentary skills covering all aspects of the project, from animal models, in vivo radiation, cell and molecular radiation biology, endothelial biology and proteomics.

The project will be carried out at multinational and multidisciplinary levels, which will include,

  • cardiologists,
  • radiation biologists,
  • cell and molecular vascular biologists,
  • biochemists,
  • tumor biologists, as well as
  • cardiovascular specialists.
The Group