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CARDIORSIK consists of 8 workpackages (WP). The experimental programme will investigate both hypotheses on the pathogenic mechanisms of radiation-induced cardiovascular risk at low doses in comparison with those operating at high doses, by studying, in parallel, late radiation injury to arteries and to the capillary network.

The chart below shows their linkage and cooperation.

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CARDIORISK Workpackages WP 08: Training and Dissemination (TUM)WP 07: Proteomic analysis of low dose radiation effects on the heart (HELMUC)WP 06: Radiation effects on cardiac cell integrity in CVD (USFD)WP04: Microvascular effects - functional and histopathological radiation injury (NKI) WP 05: The role of inflammatory and thrombotic processes in macro- and microvascular CVD (UL)WP03: Functional and structural macrovascular effects (CARIM)WP 01: Project Management (TUM)WP02: Irradiation, preparation of tissue samples and primary cell culture (TUD)

The Project