Cardio Risk has a team of trained health and fitness professionals. They are the best of the best and are very good at what they do. They have individually and as a team, helped so many people become healthier and fit so they can live long happy lives.

Please meet our team.


George Lopez

George is the owner of Cardio Risk. He is a bodybuilding coach and he is a licensed dietician, trainer, and physiotherapist.

Gillian Montgomery

Gillian is our head of healthy eating. She does evaluations with every client on their daily eating habits and she works out an individual eating plan for every client. She takes into account their likes and dislikes, time schedule, and daily activities. This makes it easier to eat healthy without worrying about the time it would take.

Basil Jones

Basil has been with Cardio Risk since the beginning. He is a personal trainer that is also a registered masseuse. He is the holder of many medals for marathons and weight-lifting. He understands the workings of the body and muscles better than anyone.

Stacey Lavigne

Stacey is also a personal trainer and she also specializes in Pilates, yoga, and aerobics. She is the youngest member of our team and very passionate about helping people live the best lives they can by being healthy and fit.

Jonathan Baxter

Jonathan is a doctor who decided he wants to do something more. He still practices medicine but also helps us out with clients who have illnesses and need to make a change in their lifestyle to get better. He has certificates and diplomas in a variety of courses regarding fitness and healthy eating.

This is our wonderful team that is ready to help you change your life.